The Pirate Coin Collection


The Pirate Coin

In this unique collection we combine authentic silver Pirate coins with Tahitian pearls 

from french Polynesia. 

This are silver coins struck in the Americas that have been on the seabed for over 400 years or 

in private collectors' hands. 

Each necklace is one-of-a-kind piece and therefore 

the only one that exist.

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Pearl In Motion

In our Pearl In Motion Collection we combine masculine fresh water pearls with leather.

Inspired by the sea, this bracelets are designed for different occasions including water sports.

This is a rugged, masculine pearl that still retains its natural elegance and is set in different 

coloured pieces of leather.

Our Iconic pearl in Motion Bracelet was featured on the 2015 Lexus Hoverboard Commercial shot in Barcelona  View video

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The Workshop

At Heimaries we combine raw materials, precious metals, ancient beds and stones with the most beautiful pearls from Australia, 

French Polynesia, Japan and China.

All our creations are exclusively hand made using the heights standards.